Tears Fell, Blurring Our Vision


View from Our Bedroom at the B&B

This week has gone by in a bit of a blur. It started on Monday morning at 7 am, with a call from the hospital where my Mother in Law had been since Christmas. The nursing staff had found her un-responsive and they had called to inform us that they were keeping her under observation. Half an hour later they rang again, this time to inform us that she was being transferred over to the A&E department of the general hospital. The rest of the day is pretty raw in my mind.

The 3 brothers all managed to be at the hospital, accompanied by their 3 wives, together, to hear the Consultant tell us that this was “End of Life Care” She had suffered a major stroke and that their focus was now not in treating her but to keep her comfortable.

The family kept a vigil around her bedside for the rest of that day and through the night, before she peacefully passed away early Tuesday morning.

The week then progressed with visits to the hospital to collect paperwork to enable the death to be registered, to funeral directors to arrange a funeral, hours on the phone to various people, some to notify her passing, others to arrange equipment that had been on loan, such as hospital beds and other equipment designed to make caring for a loved one at home, easier on the carers.

I managed just 2 visits to the gym, I think my legs thanked me for that.

By Thursday my husband had had enough and just wanted to get way for the weekend and chill. I was left to make the arrangements. We are in an enviable part of the world, with Loch Lomond within a 2 hour drive, but after many hours searching the internet for a room for 2 nights, I was unable to find a vacant room, so one night when I couldn’t sleep, I came across a B&B in the Trossachs. It was all he had asked for, quiet, somewhere he could sit and relax and contemplate.

So after a stressful week, we drove away from it all, to spend a weekend in a remote place where the view from our bedroom was divine. This morning, we woke to an absolute still morning, where the surface of the loch was a millpond, the reflection in perfect symettry. The view of the ridge was a bit blurred, but it revealed itself at times as the mist lifted, much as our vision became clearer when the tears which flowed, abated.

Training for the 10k was achieved mainly by walking in this beautiful landscape

I hope your week has been slightly better than mine.

Thank you for reading, and if you have been affected by death at any point I would love to know how you are dealing with it.

Blessings Joy x

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Hygge on a Lukewarm Day

Some days you jump out of bed shouting “Carpe Diem” and others you pull the covers over your head and have a “hygge experience” as explained so succinctly by Suzie of Suzie Speaks. Today was the latter. There is a reason for feeling lukewarm about today, and if you are upset my sad stories then I urge you not to read any further than this.

Today is the day that my son should be celebrating his 27th birthday. But for whatever reason he chose, my son’s soul did not want to hang around on this planet. It entered this earthly plane and left it straight away. I manage to survive because I believe his soul chose me, a strong woman, to have that experience.

So forgive me if I am lukewarm today. Forgive me if I fail to see the funny side, the awe in nature, nor want to entertain or hold an intelligent conversation about mulit-million dollar questions.

Today is a day for embracing the simple things in life. Curling up on a sofa, watching the rain run in rivulets down the windowpane as I feel the tears do the same down my cheek. It is a day to soak in a bath, breathing deep the aromas of clary sage and jasmine. Oils that I know will bring forth more tears. Yesterday I heard about the death of a gentleman who has gone to be with his Maker. He was not my father, but he showed me fatherly love. It warms my heart to think that my son and this man will find each other, and that my son now has a guide in spirit with him. It warms me a little to reminisce group-outside-church

Tomorrow is also likely to be a day where I feel lukewarm. Over the coming days, as the days lengthen and signs of spring can be seen, I will begin to warm up, like the crocus that pops it’s head up out of the soil, the colour will return to my life. But for now, it’s an oxtail stew with dumplings for dinner, a cuddle on the sofa, wrapped up warm and snuggled with a man who understands me. The simple things in life.

Be kind to yourself

Thank you for reading

Blessings Joy

Never Underestimate Me

This post could be prompted by truth or honesty, because as soon as I saw the word Underestimate, I had something that came to mind, and it all revolves around being honest and sticking to your truth.

11 years ago I was involved in a car accident. I was driving up the road, and had just overtaken 2 parked cars and had returned to my side of the road, but when I was on the opposite side of the road, a car came round the corner, 200 yards up the road. The driver was an inexperienced 18 year old who had just passed his test a few months previously. He panicked, and slammed his foot on the brake, skidding on the wet road, and ended up swinging through 180 degrees, and ended up facing up the same way as I was facing. It looked as though he had cut me up and mis-judged the pull-in. Anyway the police were called, we both gave our statements, and all seemed quite straight forward, until a letter arrived from the insurance company.

His statement had changed to say that I had pulled out in front of him, he had swerved to avoid me, and I had driven INTO HIM!!!

To cut a long story short, my insurance company advised me to agree to 50/50 liability. Everybody underestimated my need for the truth to win out.

I would put money on his insurer’s saying “She’ll back down. She has no proof, there were no witnesses. She won’t want to go to court to contest it!”

Well how wrong were they. Never underestimate me where the truth is concerned, I will fight tooth and nail to get justice for those involved. No stone will be un-turned. To get my claim to court, just to determine liability, I had to contact the police and threaten to complain about the way they handled the case, as my insurance company kept telling me that there were no police records. The only way that I could get them released, was to write a letter. I had a lovely letter back telling me that of course the police records could be released.

We ended up going to court. The police were asked as witnesses, with their statements that we had made on the night. What a waste of taxpayers money. I was awarded liability in my favour,  the third party  was 100% liable.

Never underestimate me where the truth is hidden. Should I be offering my services for anybody wanting to get justice?

Have you ever been underestimated? I would love to hear your story.

Blessings Joy

PS I could have written about Prayer: Never Underestimate the Power of Prayer, or healing, never Underestimate the Innate ability of your own body to heal itself. Maybe these are topics that I will write about in the future. Truth or Lie