Secrets and Turmoil

Period Costume Drama Versailles Pilgrims ProgressI happily admit that I am a bit of a costume period drama addict, and the most recent 1 that I am catching up on is Versailles, the story of the Sun King Louis XIV of France, the BBCs latest. It has been on about 5 weeks now, but I always seem to miss it when it is on the Beeb, and I am  watching it on catch-up. I am on episode 2. Episode 1 ends with the Queen giving birth to her second child, a girl, who also happens to be, lets just say, not the same skin tone as the King. And here, for me, the problem starts, although there was obviously problems in the royal marriage of at least 9 months gestation.

In the second episode, we see a funeral, a pretence, a show, to everyone around the court and the country and to it’s neighbours, the Dutch, that there has been another story, the story of a still-birth. Most of the court is unaware of what has happened, they are grieving the death of the Royal Princess, unknowing that the child is alive and well, and being nursed by a blind wet-nurse.

How many times in our lives does something happen that we did not want to happen, and then we invent stories to cover up the truth?

When I attended my Mother’s funeral, the lies that she had told to her friends began to become  much clearer to me. The reason that she had kept me at arms length at events that I would have liked to have been invited to, became much clearer. She had lied about my life, she had lied about who my father was, she had told stories to those around her, and she had to keep the pretence up.

There is a line in the 2nd episode, it goes “Don’t you understand how rumours start? Silence only fuels the fire” If people are not told the truth, then they make up their own.

I find myself watching Versailles and thinking about the political turmoil in the current situation in the UK and the EU. History really doesn’t change that much. Costume does, but not the human story behind it, the power, the way women have used their charm and beauty to get what they want, the power hungry men (and women) and the death and destruction that powerful people leave in their wake.


Take a Grain of Sand and put it in a Mollusc

How many people are there in your life who irritate you? Well did you know it takes just 1 grain of sand to make a pearl?

The grain of sand gets in the shell of a mollusc, usually a clam and irritates it. As a defence the mollusc produces a substance which, when hard, produces the pearl. Layer upon layer of iradescent substance called nacre. So when someone is making you feel irritable just remember this, they are but a grain of sand sent into your life, to  make you into a precious pearl.

Blessings Joy

Never Underestimate Me

This post could be prompted by truth or honesty, because as soon as I saw the word Underestimate, I had something that came to mind, and it all revolves around being honest and sticking to your truth.

11 years ago I was involved in a car accident. I was driving up the road, and had just overtaken 2 parked cars and had returned to my side of the road, but when I was on the opposite side of the road, a car came round the corner, 200 yards up the road. The driver was an inexperienced 18 year old who had just passed his test a few months previously. He panicked, and slammed his foot on the brake, skidding on the wet road, and ended up swinging through 180 degrees, and ended up facing up the same way as I was facing. It looked as though he had cut me up and mis-judged the pull-in. Anyway the police were called, we both gave our statements, and all seemed quite straight forward, until a letter arrived from the insurance company.

His statement had changed to say that I had pulled out in front of him, he had swerved to avoid me, and I had driven INTO HIM!!!

To cut a long story short, my insurance company advised me to agree to 50/50 liability. Everybody underestimated my need for the truth to win out.

I would put money on his insurer’s saying “She’ll back down. She has no proof, there were no witnesses. She won’t want to go to court to contest it!”

Well how wrong were they. Never underestimate me where the truth is concerned, I will fight tooth and nail to get justice for those involved. No stone will be un-turned. To get my claim to court, just to determine liability, I had to contact the police and threaten to complain about the way they handled the case, as my insurance company kept telling me that there were no police records. The only way that I could get them released, was to write a letter. I had a lovely letter back telling me that of course the police records could be released.

We ended up going to court. The police were asked as witnesses, with their statements that we had made on the night. What a waste of taxpayers money. I was awarded liability in my favour,  the third party  was 100% liable.

Never underestimate me where the truth is hidden. Should I be offering my services for anybody wanting to get justice?

Have you ever been underestimated? I would love to hear your story.

Blessings Joy

PS I could have written about Prayer: Never Underestimate the Power of Prayer, or healing, never Underestimate the Innate ability of your own body to heal itself. Maybe these are topics that I will write about in the future. Truth or Lie