Diverse Range of Therapies

Diverse: adjective, having variety, assorted.

As a holistic therapist, I offer a diverse range of treatments, my main one being McTimoney Chiropractic, but I am also qualified in Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, EFT, Touch for Health, and I am currently studying for a Diploma in Nutrition.

However what intrigues me more is the diverse range of symptoms that seem to be affected when I treat people.

Let’s start with the most obvious: Pain, low back pain to be precise, but also neck pain, arm, shoulder, head, knee, toes, PGP SPD migraines.

Not quite so common as pain, but a regular health improvement noted:

Increased mobilty, especially noticeable in the neck when driving

Increased mobilty alround.

Dribbling incontinence improved so much that quailty of life is greatly improved


Then there are the less obvious symptoms in fact they are not obvious at all;

They include:

Eyes that run like you are peeling onions, constantly, that dry up.

Sinusitis after 30 years being completely healed.

Hearing improved that your family think you’re not even watching the TV the sound is so low.

Have you ever been to see a complementary therapist and noticed an improvement in a symptom that was as diverse as any of those I have mentioned?

Blessings JoyHealth Body, Wellness Being