Would the Real Joy, Please Stand Up!

Can you remember where you were when you first saw the clip of Susan Boyle making her debut on Britain’s Got Talent? Can you remember your thoughts as you heard that 47 year old, “Just 1 side of me!” comment? I certainly do. Yesterday I saw another “Talent” clip, although this one was on Facebook, and from America’s Got Talent, and was shown I believe on Tuesday 9th June 2016, the same day as the Daily Propt was “Transformation”. What with being on holiday at the time, the time differences between Europe and the States, and the power of social media to mess with your head where timeframes are concerned, I apologise up front for any incorrect statements that I have just made. Anyway to the point of this blog.

This is the clip I saw. If you haven’t seen it yet, I say, “Where have you been?” and take a look now.

I think it apt that Grace was on AGT on the day that the Daily Prompt was transformation, because this young lady’s life is going to chnage beyond all recognition. I hope and pray that her transformation is handled in such a way that she rtains her innocence,beauty and “Grace”. Her singing and music was touching in it’s simplicity and the rawness of emotion that it evoked in me.


Grace Vanderwaal, I Don't KNow who I am,


Why did it do that?
2 reasons I think, summed up in the first 2 lines.

“I Don’t Know My Name!”

What adopted person does? We are born with one name, but then someone decides they might prefer another, and so we grow up with that. It is something that we grow up with, the uncertainty of knowing even the basics about ourselves, like our name at birth. For those of you who are not adopted, you will probably not understand how much you take for granted, the ability to ask your parents about yourself, your family history on health and genetics, where you come from, that sort of thing. We for the most part are left wondering do we have inherited diseases in our genes, will we develop something later in life, that we are already programmed at birth? Where do I come from? What can I expect to develop in my lifetime? Not just in health, but are there any Gifts and Special Abilities in our genes? The questions go on. Is this a Gift, wrapped in newspaper? The fact that my life can be completely written by me, because I don’t expect to develop the family traits, cos I don’t know what they are, I don’t know what makes me who I am?

Secondly “I Don’t Play By the Rules”

No neither do I. Why? Well I guess the first rule of a new life is that your Mother hangs around to show you the game and the rules to play by. If that cardinal rule is broken, then you are given carte blanche to say that I don’t play by them.

I will reflect more on this young ladies work and music. I hope she retains her innocence and grace, as she, and the rest of the world discovers who she is. I feel that her music and me discovering and writing about who I am, are going to be closley linked, even though I am probably old enough to be her granny. Who knows we may yet find out that we are related. Now wouldn’t that be a miracle?

Blessings Joy


It’s Just a Phase I Am Going Through

It’s lasted 55 years and I hope it is coming to an end, because everything is a phase isn’t it? And we get over all phases don’t we?

Phase transformation daily prompt

I have just come to the end of my patience with this one though, I refuse to continue to be in this “Phase” a moment longer. It is now time to move out of this one and into the next phase of my life.

In the next phase I will be Mistress of my own Castle. I feel a transformation and migration from this blog to one where I will reveal more. I need a title for it though. I have come up with a few:

The Cuckoos Call

Joy’s Jottings

Jottings by Joy

A Cuckoo is Calling

Joy’s Cuckoo

Which one is your favourite?

Wish I knew how to do polls on blogs, guess there is a plug-in?

Blessings Joy



Pensive v Procrastinate

For several years now I have been wanting to write my life story, because believe me East Enders script writers have nothing on me. A couple of weeks ago, a BBC Radio Wilts researcher contacted me, to ask me questions for an interview, because she had heard about me and thought I had lived an interesting life, one that their listeners would be interested to hear.

“Interesting” I said “You should try living it!”

Anyway I have done lots of work in preparation for the huge task of writing my story, and now I find myself in pensive mood, wondering where to go from here. Suzie at Suzie81speaks is often sharing other blogs that she has come across. One that stood out for me was Journey to Ambeth  “Stuck on your Bio” post. It got me pensing, and I wrote my bio. I have to admit that I am not quite ready to share it with you yet, but I will.

Am I being pensive or just procrastinating?

Impossible until it's done

Blessings Joy


Rhythms of Abandonment

I listened to the rhythms of your body

Your heartbeat, your footsteps, your breathing

Endured your tossing and turning

Between relationships

Now you want me, now you don’t

Do I have a say in the matter?

Apparently not!


Squeezing, more bodily rhythms

Lowing like cattle, roaring like a lion

Outside now, not at your breast nor in your arms

Just hearing the rhythm of your footsteps

Fading away, you didn’t even take one look

An ice cold bath thrown over me

Severed Love!


Thank you for reading

Blessings Joy