What Marriage is All About

I went out for a coffee with a friend today. Over the course of the conversation, I just happened to mention that I was going to be climbing Kilimanjaro in the future, like 18 months into the future, and that as part of my training I had joined a hill-walking group. My friend asked me if my husband was going to be doing it with me? She was a little surprised when I said NO!

It then dawned on me that I was expecing my darling husband to make a huge compromise, to allow me to do what I was planning to do. Marriage is all about making compromises, big and small, and it probably doesn’t get much bigger than this. Saying goodbye to your wife as she sets off to go to deepest darkest Africa, to climb a mountain, not knowing if she is fit and able to achieve it, to not be there by her side as she achieves it, as no doubt I will.

When I first moved 400 miles to be with him, leaving behind my life as I knew it, I thought I was making all the compromises, and he was making very few, if any, after all, his life was going on as usual, same house, same friends, same golf club, same GP. It was me that was up-rooting my daughter and having to find all those new things to replace the old life I was leaving behind. Now I am beginning ot understand that he is compromising too. In different ways.DSC_0183

Act Now

How many periods in time do you think you have any influence over?

The answer is 1, NOW, the present.

If you like where you are now, if you like what you are doing, that’s great, you are likley to be a happy contented individual. However if the reverse is true, you are not happy where you are, nor what you are doing, then you can take action NOW, in the present.

We have no idea what will happen in the future, we can make plans for it, and we should, because otherwise life happens TO us, we are not in control of what happens, but ultimately the future, can go against our plans. Have you ever made a plan, only for it to be affected by the weather, or by someone else pulling out, or not doing what you thought they would? I certainly have.

Equally, you cannot change the past. You can change how you feel about it, you can chose to let go of the bad feelings that remind you of how you felt about incidents that happened to you in the past, but you cannot change the events of the past.

So what are you doing now, in the present that you don’t like? Do you like your job? Do you surround yourself with people that you would rather not have around you?

I set you a challenge to change it now, today, this very moment in the present, take a step, and let me know where it takes you on your journey. Follow me and see where my steps take me.


JoyEvery Journey Single Step

Bewitched v Bewildered

The nice thing about the daily prompt, is the quick association that I have to songs, songs that I have no idea what 99% of the lyrics are. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered is just 1 example.

After 1 whole quart of brandy I can think of other words that would describe how I would be feeling; How about Sick Spinning and Puking? Unconscious, Out Cold and Desperate?

What 3 words would you use to describe how you would feel after drinking a whole quart of brandy?


Enrolling for a Dream

I chose to sign up for the Kilimanjaro trek purely for the sense of achievement I am expecting when I reach the top. If this morning’s Nordic walk was anything to go by, then training is paramount. The wind was howling off the sea, so much so, that it was hard to breathe, let alone talk, as we strode along battling with the wind. My companion asked if I wanted to turn round and go back, but the thought of turning back, halfway up Kili, is not an option, so I kept plodding on, reminding myself how I got through the 10 run last September……I paced myself. Funnily enough a post came up on facebook the other day for another 10k run, in August this year. I must enrol, and get back to running again.

Every Journey Single Step


8 Mile Walk, 2 hours of Silence

No words today, just pictures from an 8 mile walk right outside my backdoor. Home to all creatures great and small. Silence is Golden Let me be your Tour Guide

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Namaste Joy

Let Me Entertain You with 20 Episodes of The Crown

“Let me Entertain You”. So say the words from the Robbie William’s song of the same name. The same phrase is repeated no less than 20 times, but have we become besotted with being entertained rather than entertaining ourselves I wonder?

I must admit to having fallen foul of these words in the past years, coming home from work and sitting down in front of the TV and asking to be entertained. My husband and I have recently watched 20 episodes of The Crown in 1 week on Netflix, how sad is that? I must admit though, I learnt several things about Winston Churchill, government, Suez Crisis & The Royal Family that I did not know before. I never enjoyed history at school, so watching this series was like all the interesting things that they never taught you in history at school. Things such as the stroke that Churchill had, that was kept hidden, with the collusion of Fleet Street, which meant that my country was left ungoverned for a period of time, or at least ungoverned by a fully functioning PM. By I digress from the entertainment issue.

The more I read about the trek up Kilimanjaro, the more I realsie that there will be little time to need to be entertained, but I am so looking forward to the dancing, as shown in my post 2 days ago. My entertainment between now and then is going to be training. Over the next few weeks I will share with you what my training is going to entail, as I go from couch potato to Kili climber.

Meanwhile listen to Robbie entertaining us:

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Namaste Joy

Dancing up Kilimanjaro

New Year 2017/18 has seen me set an intention of climbing Kilimanjaro in September 2019. My application has been sent, and I in return have been sent some links to youtube videos. The one above has evoked a strong sense of movement and energy within my body, that I want to get up and dance. I am sure that in the coming months I am going to play this clip over and over again. Have a listen to it, and see if it evokes the same feeling in you?

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