Let Me Entertain You with 20 Episodes of The Crown

“Let me Entertain You”. So say the words from the Robbie William’s song of the same name. The same phrase is repeated no less than 20 times, but have we become besotted with being entertained rather than entertaining ourselves I wonder?

I must admit to having fallen foul of these words in the past years, coming home from work and sitting down in front of the TV and asking to be entertained. My husband and I have recently watched 20 episodes of The Crown in 1 week on Netflix, how sad is that? I must admit though, I learnt several things about Winston Churchill, government, Suez Crisis & The Royal Family that I did not know before. I never enjoyed history at school, so watching this series was like all the interesting things that they never taught you in history at school. Things such as the stroke that Churchill had, that was kept hidden, with the collusion of Fleet Street, which meant that my country was left ungoverned for a period of time, or at least ungoverned by a fully functioning PM. By I digress from the entertainment issue.

The more I read about the trek up Kilimanjaro, the more I realsie that there will be little time to need to be entertained, but I am so looking forward to the dancing, as shown in my post 2 days ago. My entertainment between now and then is going to be training. Over the next few weeks I will share with you what my training is going to entail, as I go from couch potato to Kili climber.

Meanwhile listen to Robbie entertaining us:

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Namaste Joy


Undulations in My Mood

Planning to climb Kilimanjaro I expect to have highs and lows in my physical, mental & emotional health. So it has come as no surprise to find that today I am wondering if I am biting off more than I can chew. My mood has come down, but I expect some undulations in my mood over the next 20 months.

Today I joined a local group, called Opportunities in Retirement OIR. I am not retired, but it is a group set up for those people over 50 who still have some life left in them. They have lots of groups that I could join, including 5 walking groups of different abilities, so I hope I can go up through the groups in the time allowed.

First organised walk is on Tues 23rd January 2018, my 1st of many I hope.

fork push limits pilgrim

Only Positive Thoughts Allowed

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Just under a week ago, I woke with a thought in my mind, it was a thought that wouldn’t go away.

“Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Climb Kilimanjaro”.

Now I have some reservations about my abilty to do this, but it is not as random as it might seem at first, to you my reader, because someone had suggested I do it, a few months back. It just so happened that on this morning in question, the thought kept going over and over in my head. A local charity is trying to raise money to build a purpose-built home for children affected by cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, a holiday home, where they can spend time, by the sea. I consider myself lucky in not having been personally affected in my family, but at a local prayer group, we seem to be regularly asked to pray for a young child with one form or another.

So for the past week, I have been telling myself, that come September 2019, I will be off to Tanzania to climb Mout Kilimanjaro. Do I have any reservations about it? You bet I do!

But I am only a week into the realisation that I am going to do this climb, and I am trying to remain positive and focussed about all the trials and challenges that are going to make this climb an epic event in my life. This time last year I set myself a challenge to transform this jelly baby of a body. Did I suceed? No! However I did manage to run my very 1st 10k run, and raise £600 in doing so, I also climbed a 874m mountain, another first, so lets keep those reservations to a minimum, and think more along the lines of “It’s just another 5,00 odd metres” more.

Thanks for reading and please keep coming back to read more on my progress as training takes place. I am making plans to train for this event, with 5 k fun runs, more 10 k runs and maybe even a half marathon or so. The slideshow of photos is my New Year’s Day 4 mile walk, all done from my backdoor. I am so blessed to live with such beauty on my doorstep.

Have you set yourself a challenge to achieve this year. Do you have reservations about being able to achieve it? Let’s boost each other on our challenges.

Namaste Joy

Every Journey Single Step

C is for Collagen

If you have been following my progress since the beginning of February, you will already have heard me talking about how I was taking collagen as part of my repair and recovery from pains that I had started to get once I started to run. Here I discuss what collagen is and which one you should be taking.


Have you thought about taking Collagen and if so, why?

It can be confusing trying to find the Collagen Capsules which will best suit your needs.  Some people may not even realise there are different types of collagen!  The question you should be asking yourself is “Why am I taking Collagen in the first place?

Collagen the facts?

Collagen is the primary structural protein found in the body, making up over 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content.  It is abundant throughout the body and is found in connective tissue, bone, all organs and especially skin where it makes up to 90% of the structural protein.

Collagen is the main component of connective tissue.  Collagen, in the form of elongated fibrils, is mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendon, ligament and skin, and is also abundant in cornea, cartilage, bone, blood vessels, the gut, and intervertebral disc. It is like a superglue, holding us all together. Unfortunately we start to lose it from the age of about 25, and the results of collagen loss start visually, the changing shape of your face, loss of skin elasticity, formation of line and wrinkles, but it’s the internal issues that we really have to worry about.  The loss of strength in ligaments, tendons, cartilage and of course bone, which long term could contribute to Osteoarthritis.


Let’s take a closer look at the three main types of collagen found in the human body.

Type I Collagen

Type I Collagen is the most common type of collagen found in the body.  It’s found in tendons, skin, artery walls, cornea, and the organic part of bones and teeth.  Type I Collagen is good for improving your skin and hair as well as being an overall balanced collagen type.

Type II Collagen

Type II Collagen is found in Hyaline Cartilage and makes up 50% of all cartilage protein.  It’s also found in the Vitreous Humour of the eye.  This collagen gives our body its structural strength and stability.  Although very beneficial the source of type II collagen in an edible form is still restricted to fish collagen, and although available there is no scientific evidence that it can deliver the potential benefits that we require.

Type III Collagen

Type III Collagen is the collagen of granulation tissue and is produced quickly by young fibroblasts before the tougher type I collagen is synthesized.  It’s also found in muscles, artery walls, skin, intestines and the uterus.  This makes us strong, it is the collagen structure in the muscle that is torn during exercise and is responsible for repair of the muscle.

proto-col’s new Bioactive type I & III collagen. The Proto-col range have a variety of Collagen Capsules and tablets available. 

The new bioactive collagen peptide containing type I and III collagen is a triple helix structure and combines the three most repetitious amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.  Collagen type III is a form of granulation tissue, and is produced quickly once stimulated by young fibroblasts before the tougher type I collagen is synthesized.  The new bioactive peptide of this sport collagen has been optimised so that it also covers all the potential benefits of type II collagen without actually being type II in a raw form.

By delivering all three required types of collagen requirements which are naturally found in our body, our “body and joint formulation” becomes a ground breaking new formulation of collagen hydrolysate that can be used both by the elite athlete and the health and well-being enthusiast.

All you need to know now is which proto-col Collagen Capsules are right for you. The following table should help assist you in your selection for the right Collagen Capsules. They can all be purchased here

Product Type I Collagen Type II Collagen Type III Collagen Hyaluronic  Acid, Vitamin A,C,E and Zinc CollagenDosage perserving (mg)
Proto-col collagen capsules           Skin Care Range Yes No yes No 1200
Proto-col collagen Body and Joint Capsules Sports range yes Yes Yes No 1200
*Proto-col Skin Plus Range Capsules Skin Care Range Yes No yes Yes 1065
Proto-col Sport’s Nutrition Collagen Tablets-Sports Nutrition Range yes Yes Yes No 5000
Proto-col Pro Gold Protein Chocolate or Strawberry contains BCAA’s yes Yes Yes No 5000

A note on *proto-col skin plus

Ingredients include: Hyaluronic  Acid one of the key chain molecules in the key – responsible for skin maintaining a youthful complexion.

What is special about Hyaluronic Acid?

It is the biggest among the molecules that surround skin cells and it absorbs moisture up to 6000 times its weight.  Maintaining sufficient quantity of these special molecules, which decreases with age, is one of the key factors to stay young and radiant.  Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc which are all vitamins and minerals that are known to aid skin health.

Why choose proto-col and what makes proto-col the market leader

Proto-col is the only collagen brand on the market that works with CRI (The International Collagen research institute).  Proto-col guarantee to use only the highest quality collagen in the world and the only material that is backed with clear and conclusive clinical research and data.  proto-col’s sports collagen product is also HFL tested for elite athletes to use. Available here: http://www.ajoyofhealth.co.uk/shop.html#!/~/search/keywords=collagen&offset=0&sort=nameDesc

Break the Silence

There is a charity in Ayrshire called Break the Silence. Break the Silence is an independent Voluntary Organisation established to provide a range of free and confidential support services to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse from Ayrshire.

A good business colleague friend of mine is heavily involved, and she has run this 10k twice before, and she always raised money for this cause. As a tribute to her, and the good work that they do, I have decided to raise funds for them too.

The statistics for childhood sexual abuse is mind-blowing. There have been high profile cases in the news in the past few years. Icons from my childhood have been imprisoned or only been found out after their death, to have commited horrible crimes on children, using their fame as a cover. Now more and more men are coming forward who have been sexually abused under the guise of “football coaching”. If you work with people, or socialise with anyone, the chances are that there are people you know who have been sexually abused in their childhood.

So every penny raised is used to get the survivors on the road to becoming Thrivers.

Turning Survivors in Thrivers

Training for the 10k run, is still in it’s early days, so sponsorship has not been promoted, although I have set up a JustGiving page to collect sponsor money. Please donate to this great cause.

Every Journey Single Step