I don't know my name, Grace VanderwaalWelcome to This Pilgrim’s Progress, where this 50+ something writes her thoughts on anything and everything that she sees, or comes across, that sets her emotions rolling, her neurones flashing and fingers typing.

I am an adoptee, and so this blog is an effort to work out who I am. Many posts will be a response to something I have encountered that day, that has triggered me, and I am reflecting on it. I do not want to sound a victim, but this simple act by my Mother, at birth, has affected my whole life, and my relationship with people. So my aim and hope is to be able to share with my fellow adoptees, as well as those that chose to adopt, or those of you who work in this field, some insight into how we adoptees see the world.

Categories on this subject are: Adopted, Self Development, Self Awareness and Pilgrim

I love travel and photography, and so you will see lots of that. Check out the categories Travel and Photography. In September 2019 I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. This is going to be quite a challenge, so many of my posts in 2018 & 19 will be about training for it, and will includes walks around Scotland.

Categories on this subject are Hillwalking, Kilimanjaro Trek, Travel, Photography & Gin

Life is a Journey, I am so Pleased that you have Chosen to Walk some length with me. Feel free to join in, accompany me, or walk another path if mine is not taking you, where you want to go.

Blessings Joy

My thanks go to Vida, whose blog was an encouragement to be honest in how God works in our lives in a very real, but sometimes simple ways. We just need to be listening and forever open to receive the messages that God sends to us on a minute by minute basis. Her blog can be found at http://goodgraceiousness.wordpress.com/about/  Blessings to Vida for her blog, “Good Graciousness.”

5 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks you so much for the nomination, I really do appreciate it. I was intrigued to see that yu think I have children the same age as youlike the fact that you think I am a Mom of children the same age as you. Sorry but I could not even see your name on your blog to use it. Have you hidden it somewhere? Blessings Joy x

      • Oh, yea sorry haha my name is Shay. I thought that because of one of your posts about watching your daughters plane taking off, so I thought she might be around my age. Though from your photo I wouldn’t imagine you being old enough to have children near their twenties

      • Hi Shay, oh my daughter is your age! My daugher is 20, and I’m not quite sure which picture you are seeing but I am 55. So am I giving “motherly” advice? lol Blessings Joy

      • Haha I thought so, couldn’t imagine the idea of putting a minor on a plane by themselves! I’ve been reading your blog for a bit, some of what you say really sticks out to me. Like when you were talking about taking the time to pack things the night before heading back from your trip to enjoy another trip on the beach, reflecting back on the fact that even though you’d been to a place (didn’t catch it’s name) but never with your daughter and that you had experiences there that you otherwise wouldn’t have if she hadn’t been there that time around. Many think that the experiences they have at certain places don’t change whether they’re alone, with a significant other, or with their children regardless of age. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog about connections though. We never really know just how connected we are to others, and I too would love to know who I am connected to. Thinking of seeing if there is somewhere near me that I could do a DNA test to find out.

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