Today’s Challenges in Flourish

4 months down and today was the start of a new topic in the flourish group. We have moved from ownership onto health. Now as a health professional of over 40 years, I understand health, in all it’s guises, and struggled with having it insinuated that as an adoptee I must make poor health choices and that must affect the world and the people around me.

I like to think that I have a fairly balanced healthy lifestyle. I eat relatively healthily. I could exercise more but I do do some. Is it enough? Possibly not. But I don’t feel guilty about not doing more, because if I did I would get up and do some. Now that we are in May, the days are getting longer, and we have had a few games of croquet. After the election on Thursday, I will hopefully have more time to focus on croquet and writing again.

I get enough sleep. I drink social amounts of alcohol, nay I seldom, infrequently, rarely. What is the word for 1 drink a week? Regularly? I regularly have one G&T a week. I don’t smoke cigarettes, cigars, or weed, nor do I vape. I don’t take any recreational or prescibed medications. I have a teaspoon of “Green Magic” most mornings along with Vit C and D. I have researched vaccinations and I make an informed decision not to have them. If I have a symptom of any sort, I try essential oils first. I haven’t seen a doctor for more than 14, since I moved to Scotland. And it was several years before moving, that I saw a doctor.

I decided a long time ago that if I wasn’t happy with my body, then I had a choice. If I could do something about it, then I would. So if I am not happy with my weight, I do something about it, but I don’t spend hours moaning about my weight, that is soul destroying. Neither do I wish I was taller, or had green eyes. There is no point in wasting energy wishing you were something else. I embrace what I have, as God’s creation.

At the moment I am spending more time on a device that I would like, but hopefully after Thurs this may change as I need to be in communication less with people than I am at the moment. Hope I can go back to working, writing and generally taking better care of myself.

I have a saying that I often say to my clients which says “You can’t pour from an empty pot”

On that note I am going to say goodnight as it is 10.30 pm here and I have work in the morning.