Heading to Outlander Country

Today I headed out to the small harbour in the village of Dunure on the South Ayrshire coast to do a little photo shoot. For any of my followers who are Outlander fans, Dunure was the setting for part of a story line where a ship sets sail. It is usually a bustling little place but today it was very quiet, with just a handful of people sitting outside the cafe with a beverage and snack, trying to keep warm from the biting chill. The recent lockdown appears to have hit the village hard, although no-one was willing to talk to us about the toll that it had had on their business. In fact they seemed very fearful of us even being there with our smiling faces. Which was a pity because the little gift shop had some lovely things and we were going to spend our hard earned cash there, but they asked us to leave, so we didn’t get to buy a momento of our trip to Dunure. I have to make do with my photos instead.

Tomorrow will be another town, or village, or maybe even the head of the River Ayr, who knows.

Blessings and Joy, Joy

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