Ornamental Feng Shui

I loved this post. I love these BAGUA, I have several of them and never knew they had such an evocative name. Thanks Heather for this post.

Harmony In Motion Feng Shui Blog

by Heather I. Melcer.

Feng Shui Cures Bagua MapOrnamental – literally! ‘Tis the season for shopping for Feng Shui cures! It’s December, a festive time of year all over the world. And while all the stores are lined with isles of Christmas ornaments to adorn your tree, if you look closely enough you will instead find a treasure trove of Feng Shui items.

Over the years Christmas decorating has totally changed–it’s modern, it’s elegant, it’s chic. There’s a color palette and theme for every style of décor in this modern day HGTV picture perfect home kind of world we live in. Good-bye are the days of standard uniform colors red and green, or symbols like candy canes, reindeers, Santa and Frosty. Hello to ALL the colors of the rainbow, or wink, wink, the BAGUA! If you take a close look around there are ornaments nowadays in every color, many shapes and symbols of all…

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