Come With Me

21 years ago now, in December 1998, I graduated from the McTimoney Chiropractic College in Oxford. It was a wonderful day, which unfortunately I do not have any photos of. I was a single parent, and it was the days of film, and I had no money to process any. Nor did I have money to purchase one of the professional ones that were taken that day.

I graduated thinking “What a marvellous treatment McTimoney was” (and it still is). I believed that everybody needed a McTimoney Practitioner in their life, more than they needed a GP. I was secure that this was the best treatment going, and that if there was anything better, then I would want to train in it.

As part of being part of a professional group I am expected to do at least 20 hours a year of Continual Professional Development (CPD). Well for 20 years I did allsorts of study days, attended conferences, did online nutrition courses, all in an effort to tick the box for CPD, to get my membership to whatever association I belonged to at the time. This year my very own Chiropractor was running a weekend workshop in the town just up the road from me. BIG TICK. DOUBLE TICK. Not only did it sound interesting, but it was 5 miles up the road which meant no lengthy journeys to the opposite end of the country with overnight accomodation to fund as well. I could go home and sleep in my own bed.

Well that weekend turned my McTimoney world on it’s head. Had I found something that was even better than McTimoney? Certainly the 2 day workshop promised plenty, and delivered. It gave us all something to be able to take back into our clinics on Monday morning and implement into our own modality of healing.After the first day, I went home and looked up more. I looked into more training, I made my mind up that I wanted to learn this new technique.

I started to use it the first day back in clinic, and my clients were saying strange things, things that they had rarely said about McTimoney.

Things like “Your hands, when you put your hands on me, I felt very calm and relaxed”.

Calm and relaxed.png

This new therapy (for me) is consuming me, I cannot get enough of it.I have only done 5 sessions on people that i already treated with the McTimoney method of Chiropractic, and the feedback is blowing my mind.

Come with me, as I take the steps along this Cranio-sacral journey. I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting one.