On My Doorstep

Ascent 225 metres        9.5 miles

If you have been following my blog for more than a year, you will know that I have a lovely walk literally out my back door. Today I travelled just 20 minutes down the road, and discovered yet another wonderful vista, part of the Carrick Way.

51 of us gathered at the car park of the swimming pool in Maybole, and headed off in the direction of the golf course. I had rather under-estimated the temperature today, and felt the cold winds blow right through me. I caught up with the lovely Tracy, who was out on the ill-fated (well for me at least) Wedder Hill walk last week. She said it was the hardest walk she had ever done, and hobbled for 3 days afterwards. That made me feel better about my abandoned walk, and being sent home.

Todays’ walk was 9.5 miles, with an elevation of around 250 metres, so not a great one where height was concerned, but a fair distance. Hope you enjoy the view. Blessings Joy

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