Self Indulgence

Are other bloggers like me? That when someone likes a post, you head over to their blog to see and read a little on their blog too, and return the compliment?

Well a couple of days ago, I heading over to Little Miss Traveller’s blog “Love Travelling” and had a read-around and come across this quote, which got me thinking.

The World is a Book

I love to travel, explore new places, cultures, peoples, the lot, but training for a big climb has forced me to get out into my local area, and see places that I would never have done so, if I were not planning on going on a bigger adventure.

So yes, travel is like reading many books, but looking closer to home at what surrounds you, on a fairly regular basis, is like having a favourite book that you read many times, over and over again, and each time you do, you discover something new about the book, and even yourself each time. I have a local walk that I can do right from my back door, and each time I do it, is a different walk. It changes with the seasons, and different activities take place at different times of the year. In the past year, these 2 sculptures have appeared.


I love them, what do you think? What do you think when you look at them?

Thank you to Marion, for maing me think about my travels both far and wide. Have a great day.




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