Which Way? Stillness: Journey to Moshi, and Onwards

How much thought do you give as to how you travel through life? Life is perpetual travel, even if we think we are still. Stillness is a travelling moment in itself,as we are still and observe those that are going around us. If we sit in quiet moments of meditation, we are hoping that a revelation will come that will move us on in our spiritual journey.

Cee’s Which Way Photography Challenge had me thinking of travels that I have taken in the past few years, and the photographs that I have taken along the way. My husband jokes that a half hour walk becomes 2 hours if I pick up my camera as we head out the door. In the moments of stillness before clicking the button, the brain is still frantically working, checking the composure of the picture.

These pictures were taken in Portugal, several years ago. I love taking pictures through arches. The destination gets revealed bit by bit as you walk through them. Enjoy

Similarly, when climbing  a hill, the destination is revealed to you bit by bit, and it is not uncommon to think you can see the top, only to find that as you climb, another “top” appears in the distance. This apparently is the case with Kilimanjaro, which has 3 apparent tops. When I reach the authentic one, will I find stillness there, with all my compatriot trekkers?

Enjoy your travels, wherever they take you today.

Blessings Joy



4 thoughts on “Which Way? Stillness: Journey to Moshi, and Onwards

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