Porters: Journey to Moshi, and Onwards

When it comes to climbing Kilimanjaro, there is a whole host of people supporting you, from the travel agents: 360 Expeditions in my case, to the porters who carry the tents, kit etc to make your climb more enjoyable. Can you imagine how difficult it would be, if not only did you have to do the trek, but also had to pitch and take down camp, had to cook all your own meals, as well as carry everything that enabled you to do that? Well they are things I won’t need to fret about, thanks to the porters.

My research into this trek has brought up some very surprising reading, one of these being the treatment that some porters have endured in the past. Thanks to a group called Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project public awareness has been raised into the conditions that they once worked under, and now they have access to proper clothing, cooked meals and minimum daily wages.

I now need to check that the company I am travelling with work within the guidelines of the Partner for responsible Travel Programme, that ensures the porters that will be helping us on our climb, are being well looked after.

Would you pay extra, knowing that the staff that surround you, each day, are being paid a living wage, and able to have access to proper equipment for thier job?

Carrying my own backpack up Goatfell

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