Last Day on Holiday for Daughter

Today is my daughter’s last full day on holiday with us. MIL, MB and myself are here for another 4 days. DD had wanted to play tennis all week, and so this morning we hired some tennis racquets and went out for a knock-about. It is near on 40 years since I last played a game of tennis, when I was at school. At my first secondary school, tennis was obligatory, and I was in the school team, but when my parents moved, when I was 14, I was sent to a school that didn’t do sport’s at all, let alone tennis. I took up squash instead, out of school, and never really played tennis again. So I was quite pleased to see that old skills rarely leave you. We hired the racquets, but we had to buy the tennis balls, so now we are the proud owners of tennis balls, 4 of them.

Tennis Four Seasons County club Algarve

When I was a child I would play with 2 balls against a wall. Did this have a name? There was a rhyme we would chant as we bounced the balls off the wall, and caught them again. Can anybody remember it? I could also do it with 1 hand. I am going to practice again to see if I can recapture my childhood skills. Have you retained any childhood skills recently.

Blessings Joy


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