I Wish I Could Remember

childhood summer memories


My daughter never fails to amaze me about her memories of her childhood. She gives me accounts of things that happened when she was a child, and asks me “Don’t you remember?” Now, I know what is important about my daughter’s childhood, is different to what she deems important, but the fact is, I am always amazed about the clarity that she has about some events. She recalls quite vividly what she ate, what she was wearing etc, at what I consider, quite insignificant events.

I can remember these events in the photos below, because they only happened this week, and I have photos to remind me. Many of my childhood memories I recall because we have a box of photographs, and I can see that we were wearing a certain outfit at a certain event, unlike my daughter who has it stored in her childhood memory store.


I, on the other hand, have very few memories of my childhood, and have few vivid memories if any. The ones I do have are mainly unpleasant ones, like the slap that my sister gave me across my back, because she had wet the bed, and wanted me to take the blame for it. I guess I was about 8 and my sister was 13.

I was the youngest of 5, and have few memories of my siblings during my childhood, other than they were all a fair bit older than me, and so they hung around as a group of 4, and I was a solitary child within the family. I would escape into books, my favourite as a child was Enid Blyton and the Famous 5 or Secret 7.

My daughter and I are on holiday at the moment, at the place that my husband brought his children when they were children, so it is full of their childhood memories, not ours. Are we missing out on something?

What childhood memories do you have? Did you go to the same place every Summer, or did you go to different places? For me, the world is a big place, there are far too many places that I haven’t been to, that to keep returning to the same place year after year is not my thing, although I can see the plus side of the familarity. How about you?


Blessings Joy


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