Mr Angry from Purley

If you have been following my holiday saga posts, you may remember that I mentioned the book The Sea Lady by Margaret Drabble, and described how it was reminiscent of my childhood. Today’s daily prompt reminded me of a character on the Radio back in the 80’s known as Mr Angry from Purley on Steve Wright in the Afternoon Show. He started off on our local radio in Reading, Radio 210. Thanks to the beauty of YouTube I can bring you clips of Mr Angry from Purley. I wonder what he would make of YouTube?

As I get older I can relate to Mr Angry from Purley more and more, although I think I am more Grumpy than angry, like a Grumpy Old Woman. Hear how GOW’s feel about Christmas.


If you were feeling angry reading all of today’s daily prompts I hope that you are now in a better mood.

Blessings Joy


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