June has Arrived and it’s 30 Degrees on Day 4

A conversation the day before we left for our holiday, with 1 of my clients:

“My sister lives in the Algarve, they’ve been having rotten weather so far this year!”

Our flight was delayed leaving Prestwick, we believed because there was a thunderstorm forecast for Faro airport. We arrived to find the pavements were wet, and we had missed an almighty storm, since then we have had glorious weather, and the temperature has climbed daily. Today at mid-day it was 30 degrees centigrade.

This morning we went to the market, for my daughter. When we arrived there we suggested a meet up point after an hour. MB and myself have been several times, and it is not that great, but I thought that my DD would enjoy a couple of hours mooching around. However after an hour, when I thought we would be asked to stay for another 2 hours at least, she said “It’s shite” and was more than happy to leave.

We are now back safe and sound in the villa. MIL is still in her room, she is still to arrive!

Andy Murray was 3 games to 0 up when we got back, he is now trying to take it into a tie-breaker.

Weather; 30 degrees celsius

Clouds; Negative

Book; The Sea Lady: Margaret Drabble 2/3 through, 100 pages still to go.

Swimming; none today, but will go later when the sun cools down a bit.

Blessings Joy


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