Orderly Queue is what the Brits Do Best.

We Brits are renowned for our ability to form orderly queues for absolutely anything. One of the advantages of going on holiday with my Mother in Law though is the preferential treatment that she gets, at the airport, for being in a wheelchair. We get taken to the head of the queue, even ahead of those who have paid for speedy boarding. They are not amused.

We are nearing the end of day 1 on holiday. MIL is still in her room, (read more here)  the barbecue is aboout to be lit. Here’s our kebabs laid out in an orderly line,even the price tickets are facing the same way, my little foible.

kebabs barbecue orderly

Orderly Kebabs

orderly kebabs holiday barbecue

Orderly Kebabs

Blessings Joy


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