Countless Times

How many times did my Mother use the phrase “I’ve told you countless times”……….? Followed by “Go tidy your room” “Put your clothes away” “Do the washing up” dah di dah di dah!

Well of course, there was a finite number of times that she had asked me to do those chores or others, very little is infinite. the fact that she wasn’t counting doesn’t mean that the requests were countLESS.  So countless is a word that should be sent to room 101.

Do you have a word that you feel should be made redundant? I would love to hear it.

Here’s a phrase which I heard frequently from my Mother too. Be Happy/Grateful for what you have. However I love the extra phrase here. What do you think?

Happy have, Excited want.png

Blessings Joy


2 thoughts on “Countless Times

    • I believe that I can be very grateful for what I have and have already done, for me that is travel a lot, but still get excited over all the trips that I plan for the future. For me the 2 are possible. Thanks for your input Babu.

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