Interpreting Dreams

Many years ago, when I was still a Nurse, I had a very vivid dream which I remember to this day.

I was in an old fashioned galleon ship, think King Henry VIII’s Mary Rose. I was in a compartment on the ship which was air and  watertight, and I knew the ship was sinking. I knew that I was going to die, but I also knew that it was a dream so that I was safe to choose.

My choice was either to remain in the airtight compartment and suffocate, or open the door, let the water in, and drown.

In real life I was thinking of going for a promotion, and went for several interviews at some distance to where I lived.They would all have involved a move of house. I felt that I had come to a stalemate in my work environment, I had little respect for my immediate boss, and guess that I felt that I could do a better job than she did.


Dreams Awake

Keep On Dreaming

Several weeks after having the dream, after I had turned down a job promotion 200 miles away, I was talking to a friend about it. He asked me about the joboffer, and I told him that I had decided not to move away.

What had I done in my dream? I had decided to stay where I was and suffocate.

Blessings Joy

PS In case you are wondering, not long after this I started on my complementary therapy journey.


6 thoughts on “Interpreting Dreams

  1. I’m glad you didn’t stay and suffocate. I moved several times in my work to get away from toxic environments. I guess the difference for me was I could move to another site within the same service as I worked in the public mental health system.

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