South, a Point on the Compass

South is just a place in geography that is “down” from where you are, right? When I moved to Scotland 9 years ago, I moved North of the Border. Now I live here, it fascinates me to hear that Scot’s people do not refer to that place South of the border by it’s name. The name E.n.g.l.a.n.d. cannot cross their lips. No matter how many times you try to get them to say it, they keep on saying “South of the Border”. You mean down in England? Yes down South of the Border. I come from Down South, I am a Southerner, unless you are reading this in Australia, and then I become a Northerner. Funny this compass point thing isn’t it?

South Princess Cays Daily Prompt

I wonder what Tim Peake has to say on the matter?

Blessings Joy


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