Health is Wealth

What does being healthy mean to you? Is it absence of dis-ease? Is it puting up with symptoms because you are a certain stage in life and your culture tells you that it is to be expected at your age, to be in pain? Is your health something to be compared with others?

Well I take a very different view to health. I believe it is a choice that we make. We choose to eat certain foods, drink certain drinks, take time out to meditate and look after ourselves. It is a choice to exercise, both our body and our mind. It is a choice to forgive someone who has done something that you see as unfair, cruel which makes you feel horrible. Well can I tell you something? If you choose not to forgive them their actions, the only person it is hurting is you. It is stopping you from enjoying life, it will make you angry and keep you from enjoying life.

Wealth is Health large

Today I do not feel healthy, although my body is handling it very well. I must have ate something yesterday that didn’t quite agree with me, because this morning I was throwing up last night’s dinner. It was 12 hours after I ate it, but my body said NO! This is not good for the body, so it ejected it. Is my body sick or healthy to reject something that it knows is going to cause more harm than good if it stays in the system? What is your view on that?

This isn’t the post I really wanted to write under this title, but I am all for going back to bed and trying to sleep some more, so that I wake tomorrow morning, feeling able to help others reach their maximum health potential in my Chiropractic clinic.

Blessings Joy



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