My Vision for the Future

This is a work in progress, as we probably all are. None of us are the finished article, we are constantly learning and striving to improve ourselves. Well maybe some are not, maybe I think we all should be but some may be content to be where there are, doing the same things week in, week out, and not wanting to better themselves. However I am constantly wanting to learn new skills. But 1 of the things that I do not do is have a vision of where I see myself in years to come. Some people have very clear Visions, like Dylan over at Earth Pilgrim

I believe in positive thinking and that our thoughts become our words, and our words become our actions, so I try to be careful with them, but to actually sit down and see a vision of what I would like to happen, is something that I don’t do. if someone stuck a microphone under my face and said “Give me your vision” my kneejerk response would probably be something along the lines of “I see a world where we all get along in peace and harmony, where man is happy to respect the views of all other men”, and by that I am talking species man, homo sapien. We don’t have to agree, just respect.

For many years now I have subscribed to the Vision Alignment Project which sends me emails on Visions which people have suggested for people to align with. As a Chiropractor, alignment is my thing.  I align with the vision of Heaven on Earth, if you say the Lord’s Prayer at all, you too will have said the words, “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven” That is a vision that I align with. Heaven on Earth. What would that look like for you?

Do you have a Vision? I would love to hear about them


One of my Favourite Places in my Visions

.Blessings Joy


3 thoughts on “My Vision for the Future

  1. I’m with you on this, Joy. I have not ever come to grips, or felt the need to be more specific. My vision aligns with my mandala, vision/mission: ‘to serve – with love’ You may have read about it in my May newsletter.

  2. I think I’ve only realized this past year while blogging that I knew NOT what I was doing in my life other than being there to help others out. I guess I always thought that was enough of a vision. But this past year I realized I’ve really neglected myself. How can I continue to give to others if I’m empty? I need a vision to help me fill up again.

    • I know so many people who think it is enough to be there for others. And they end up in my clinic, in pain and no energy, and they have no idea why. Look after yourself Cheryl, a simple mantra is “I am happy healthy and wealthy” It’s a great place to start. Blessings Joy

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