Surviving Today

This has been my day.

Woke up at 8 am, got up and waited for the phonecall from Jonathan Morrell from BBC Radio Wilts.

8.08 am Jonathan phoned. Talked for 10-15 minutes about my journey from Nurse to Chiropractor.

9.51 am Received an email from someone who has been telling me for ages that he ought to come to me, but he was too busy.

9.55 am Called said man, who is now struggling so much he is having trouble putting his own socks on. NOW he finds time to come and see me, from his hectic schedule.

10 am Tuned into the radio to hear my interview

10.30 am Went to work, having heard nothing.

10.40 Whilst at work heard first half of my interview, thought I came across quite well.

11.40 Half heard second half of interview

1.05 pm Left work to go home

1.10 pm Ate mango, drank cup of tea, whilst doing hair and make-up, and changed my clothes.

1.30 pm Left home to drive to Crematorium

2 pm Attended funeral

2.25 Funeral finished

2.40 Went back to work (I didn’t know the deceased at all. Husband’s MIL, not my Mother I am his second wife)

3.45 Heard for the second time today that I have performed a miracle.

4.53 Left clinic to go and help friend out, by eating ice-cream

5.08 Arrived at said ice-cream parlour to find out that I was expected to dance for my supper.

5.40 pm Finished filming, left town to do a home visit.

9 pm Arrived home, sent email to person who emailled me this moring with directions for his appointment tomorrow. Also found new email from someone who is desperately looking for an appointment.

21.21 Write BNI 60 second presentation for the morning. Maybe I should just read this out.

I Survived.

Blessings Joy



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