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My blogging career began some years back, when I discovered a new health product that I felt was wonderful, so wonderful that I wanted to tell the world about it, and so I took to blogging.

Did I have a strategy for my blogging? No!

Did I have any content for my posts? Well I had ideas in my head but they soon dried up!

Did I know about tags and meta tags? No but I learnt about tags along the way, still working on meta tags.

Did I measure my blog? No Absolutely not, unless you count the avid search of the stats page twenty times a day to see if anybody had called by and liked or commented.

Do I have a story to tell? You bet I do.

So this is where I tell you that I have found a great online course resource in the Shaw Academy, and for the past 2 weeks I have been listening and applying the words of wisdom that Gareth has been imparting. He has taught us about great bloggers to go and take a look at their work. Oh how green I am. Take a look at Shaw Academy’s blog

Someone that I have recently been following for her blogging expertise is Suzie of Suzie81Speaks. Suzie hosts #sundayblogshare on twitter too.

So this is my second generation blog. I am going to be learning so much over the coming months and I hope you will journey with me. Who knows where this blog is going? Until I sit down and work out my strategy and plans I have absolutley no idea, and that is the problem that needs addressing. There are only 2 weeks of the course left to go, and then I will look at other resources, including Darren Rowse’s 6 Months of Blogging Ideas, not even looked at that but I am sure it will be Awesome! (I have just had a pep and they are Double Awesome) Then we have our own Daily Prompt which is what I am using to generate posts whilst I sort my own schedule out.

So I still nurture my first generation blog, but I am now looking to take all the lessons I learnt from raising that child, and apply it to the next generation.

Blessings Joy




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