All Creation Starts with Chaos

Does that strike a chord with you? I don’t consider myself as being particualry creative, not  compared to my creative friends, who are make-up artists, photographers, artists, interior designers. I look at their work in amazement. Where did those ideas come from? But I think that before that piece of magic of creativity is released, there is a period of chaos, when they look at the parts that they have to assemble and wonder themselves what is going to be the final result. Do they know before they even start, or does it evolve and take on life as they work their magic. Maybe those creative readers out there can tell me please?

My creativity is channelled into photography, and I take great pleasure in creating photo collages and sharing them with my friends and colleagues. This evening my friend who is a photographer and videographer asked for help with eating ice-cream. Honest! She is making a promotional video for a local ice-cream manufacturer, and she needed extras to stand around and eat ice-cream. What was not to help?

I took several photos and made this for her.

PJP Icecream-1

Prancing Jack Productions Films at Ayr Beach

So many shots, angles and hours of filming to get just what she and the client are looking for. I know that she will spend hours going through her film clips, making a wonderful video out of what looks like chaos to me, an outsider.

For me, well the ice-cream was delicious.

Blessings Joy



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