Strolling through Life, Minding my Own Business


How many of us see our Life as a Journey, whether that is a walk through life, or a journey down a river? I know that I do. I often visualise my life as a river, and I ask myself where I am at any point in life. I could be just coasting along with a wide expanse of water and no stones to disturb the surface, sometimes I feel as though I am at the top of a waterfall, and I am just about to go over the top, and will be free falling very soon, or maybe the river has come to a narrowing and the rocks are making the water turbulent. When I saw the daily post word as Stroll, I thought of my stroll along the River Ayr Way, over the 4 day Easter weekend last year. It is a 44 mile walk along the river that runs through the town where I live, Ayr Scotland. It was a pleasant stroll, mostly flat, with a few areas where steep paths make the heart race and the breathing a little harder. It was 10-12 miles per day, and I went home each night to sleep in my own bed, unlike:


Dylan over at Earth Pilgrim who is making it his mission to stroll around the globe. Why don’t you take a look at his blog. (Sorry Dylan it is going to be far more than a stroll I know, but I hope that you get the connection with the Daily Post)

He has dedicated his life to be a literal movement for ending poverty. His mission: to walk all of the world for the liberation of all people who lack clean water, food, shelter, access to education and a healthy environment. He has walked thousands of miles up and down the West Coast, USA already.

It is evening here where I live, the sun is shining, the first time for what seems like absolutely ages, so I think I will put on my sneakers and go for a stroll round the block.

Where is your favourite place to go for a stroll?

Blessings Joy



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