Are you Transforming Your Friendships?

Are you going through a period of transition? I certainly feel as though I am. I have become a pilgrim, or more correctly, I have just aknowledged that I am a pilgrim after coming across Lady Calen’s post on Impromtu Ponderings , and realised that I have possibly  been one all of my life, I have just not known that I am. So here I am at the grand old age of 55, approaching my 7th decade, and wondering what the future has in store for me. For the past 17 years I have been self-employed as a Chiropractor, moving 400 miles, 9 years ago. I always said that I was an excellent Chiropractor, not such a good businesswoman, as I don’t believe my training taught me how to be a business woman. I have taught myself, mainly in the past 4 yearA Joy of Health Steve's email logos.

9 months ago, (how appropriate is that? a gestation period) I changed my logo to one of a dragonfly emerging from a lotus flower, and wrote about it on my complementary therapy blog.


Today I came across Raili’s “The Circle of Friends Month” on the Telling Tales blog, where it asked us to make a Mud Map of our friends. It struck a chord with me, or is that cord? How many people do I have that I call friends? how do I feel when someone who I consider a friend, does the dirty on me. Is my husband my best friend? Then I read someone’s mud map, where she confessed to being a loner. Wow what courage did that take to write that down and put it out into the blogosphere?

I am so busy transforming myself at the moment, that I feel that I am rambling. I have just signed up to do a course on blogging, and I know that this blog is fairly un-imbellished, but I would welcome you to join me on this journey, as I begin to dig deeper into who I am, what makes me who I am, and share my-story with you. I have no idea where it is going to take us. My first task is to do my Mud Map of friendship. Will that be tonight? (it is 9.15 pm in my time zone) I hope so, it is a bank holiday Monday evening here, and I would like to think that I can do this before the working week starts tomorrow and the other things that need to be taken care of, such as running a succesful Chiropractic Health Clinic takes over for the next 4 days.

Thank you for journeying this far with me, I hope we can travel together from here-on in.

Blessings Joy

Some inspirational blogs with similar theme’s I have come across. I consider them part of my mud map.

The Circle of Friends


4 thoughts on “Are you Transforming Your Friendships?

  1. I am so honoured and humbled to have been the instrument of delivering you a ‘nudge’ in your journey of transformation 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing your mud map.
    And equally, I am delighted to be shaaring this journey with you, so thank you for following me. You’ll see me around at your place too 🙂

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