Holiday Saga: Day 2

After a fun-filled day of sunbathing, barbecuing and watching Andy Murray win over John Isner yesterday, today promises to be full of fun as Darling Daughter (DD) and I decide to head off for some pedalo fun at the local lake. MB, DD and I went for a little look-see last night, and decided to return today for some exercise out on the pedalo. MB dropped us off, as I had decided that I would have a cocktail or 2 at lunchtime, to make my holiday a little more bearable.

Mother in Law has still not surfaced. Tuesday might be a little optimistic. DD are I are making plans regardless.

A sample of snaps from yesterday:

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Weather; 22 degrees celsius and breezy

Clouds; Fluffy

Book; The Sea Lady: Margaret Drabble now about halfway through

Swimming; Up to my Waist, feet still on pool-floor

Blessings Joy



Blank Pages of a Book

It has long been my dream to write my life story. A month or so ago I received a phone call from a BBC researcher asking me if I would agree to be interviewed for my local radio station, as she had seen a tweet of mine, been led to my website, and thought I sounded as though I had led an interesting life. I thought if she thinks that what I had written on my public website is interesting, she should read the bits that I had left out, they are far more interesting. EastEnders script writers have nothing on my life story. True, as far as I am aware nobody in my family has gone out to kill anyone. I discount the old lady that my big brother ran over who subsequently died, that was completely unintentional. I still to this day have never been told about this incident, it was all hushed secrets, when I was about 10.

As part of my holiday plan, I brought a blank notebook out with me, to start getting some of my story down. We are now on day 3 and I have not writen a single word in it, the pages remain blank, but I have plenty of ideas in my head.  Come back later in the week and see what I have managed.Blank Pages Book Story Life

Do you have a story to tell?

Blessings Joy

Today’s daily prompt “Blank”

Orderly Queue is what the Brits Do Best.

We Brits are renowned for our ability to form orderly queues for absolutely anything. One of the advantages of going on holiday with my Mother in Law though is the preferential treatment that she gets, at the airport, for being in a wheelchair. We get taken to the head of the queue, even ahead of those who have paid for speedy boarding. They are not amused.

We are nearing the end of day 1 on holiday. MIL is still in her room, (read more here)  the barbecue is aboout to be lit. Here’s our kebabs laid out in an orderly line,even the price tickets are facing the same way, my little foible.

kebabs barbecue orderly

Orderly Kebabs

orderly kebabs holiday barbecue

Orderly Kebabs

Blessings Joy

The Holiday Saga Begins

Well we have arrived, Hubby, Mother in Law, my Daughter and myself, in the villa which is going to be the space we inhabit for the next 2 weeks. For those of you who read Saga, you will know that this is an annual “treat” for me, bringing my MIL to her time-share villa in Portugal. 30 odd years ago my MIL had the misfortune of falling victim to Guillam Barre, a virus which affects the nervous system, which in turn affects the muscles of the poor victim. And so for 30 years, she has walked with the aid of  a frame. She is now 84, having had her birthday just 10 days before we came out here.

And now we are here!

Today is a recovery day, MIL has not yet surfaced, other than the comfort breaks. It is 11 am. I don’t expect to see much of her before Tuesday.

I have spent a few hours outside in the sun already. I like to build up slowly. Living in Scotland we have little chance to start a tan off before we leave, so I sunbathe between 9 and 11, and then again after 3pm  There is the reason of Andy Murray in the French Open Tennis tournment to watch this afternoon, to bring me in out of the mid-day sun. My holiday was looking even bleaker last week, when he took 5 sets in the first 2 rounds. How would I have coped without Andy to retreat to our room with?

At the last minute of leaving home, I grabbed a book from the bookcase. I randomly pick up books wherever I see second hand ones and add them to the bookcase for travels like this, airport/holiday reads. Nothing too strenous on the old brain cells. Le Carre is definitely a no-no for airports and planes. Without my glasses on to really read the title, I grabbed The Sea Lady. The gist of it is that 2 adults, who met during one summer as children, are on a collision course to meet again. They share a past, which at the moment we are not too privy to. What fascinates me is that the beginning of the book is the 2 characters reminiscing over the past. The cost of scone tea in  /- and d. (shillings and pence), the candlewick bedspreads and seersucker bathing costumes. All things so reminiscent of my past, and good reminders when I need to go back into my childhood, for my new blog. Still chewing the title over in my head. I am hoping that this holiday will see some definite moves forward on that, so please keep checking back.

Weather; 21 degrees celsius

Clouds; Negative

Book; The Sea Lady: Margaret Drabble

Swimming; Zero

Classic comment from Mummy’s Boy today.

Me; Looking for the port for my camera card on my new laptop; “everythings moved!”

Hubby: “It’s not moved, it’s just in a different place”

So for now there are no photos to show you, as everything has moved! Apart from MIL, she is still in bed.

This 1 is of 3 years ago!

portugal breakfast algarve holiday timeshare lisbon

Holiday Breakfasts

How’s your Sunday?

Blessings Joy




Change in Direction

How many times have you come to a point in your life where you have been faced with making a decision, which may or may not be an easy one to make?

We can see those times as a fork in our life’s journey.

1 such fork in my life was when I met my husband online. We were 400 miles apart, and although we had decided that we were life-long partners, from a very early stage, we thought that we would have a long distint relationship for many years whilst my daughter finished her secondary education. But the cutlery of fate had other ideas, and within 6 months of meeting him, my landlady gave me notice to move out of the home that we had lived in for 8 years, as she had decided to sell.

Within a year my life had taken a very different pathway to the one I had been living.

How has your life taken a swerve in another direction to the 1 that you thought you had planned?

Very shortly my blog will also be taking a change in direction. I am going to be spending the next 2 weeks working on a stategy to alter the focus of my blog, to a her-story. Tales of the adoptee, from womb to present time. I hope you will join me as I share my experiences of life.

Blessings Joyfork push limits pilgrim

Countless Times

How many times did my Mother use the phrase “I’ve told you countless times”……….? Followed by “Go tidy your room” “Put your clothes away” “Do the washing up” dah di dah di dah!

Well of course, there was a finite number of times that she had asked me to do those chores or others, very little is infinite. the fact that she wasn’t counting doesn’t mean that the requests were countLESS.  So countless is a word that should be sent to room 101.

Do you have a word that you feel should be made redundant? I would love to hear it.

Here’s a phrase which I heard frequently from my Mother too. Be Happy/Grateful for what you have. However I love the extra phrase here. What do you think?

Happy have, Excited want.png

Blessings Joy

Take a Grain of Sand and put it in a Mollusc

How many people are there in your life who irritate you? Well did you know it takes just 1 grain of sand to make a pearl?

The grain of sand gets in the shell of a mollusc, usually a clam and irritates it. As a defence the mollusc produces a substance which, when hard, produces the pearl. Layer upon layer of iradescent substance called nacre. So when someone is making you feel irritable just remember this, they are but a grain of sand sent into your life, to  make you into a precious pearl.

Blessings Joy